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Geochron World Watch® Software and Screen Saver:

Geochron World Watch screen, animated (489,716 bytes)
Above: Geochron World Watch® screen, animated (489,716 bytes).

Geochron World Watch screen, animated (27,321 bytes)
It seemed a natural idea to port the Geochron Global Time Indicator into a software package. And so in year 2000 Geochron and Express Technologies Corp. developed the World Watch® global timepiece and screen saver for Windows PC computers. And for "the rest of us" Company Seven expects to offer a Macintosh compatible version in the near future too.

World Watch® international time and global knowledge software application. The display is conceptually similar to the original mechanical Kilburg "Geochron" in that it provides a graphic representation of how the Earth's surface and climate are affected by its changes as it orbits the Sun, while spinning on Earth's own axis.

The software can be thought of as two applications; one is a full time interactive program well suited to the needs of those involved in international commerce or other affairs, for education, or simply for entertainment.

The World Watch® software also can be set to activate as a screen saver - turning itself on after the computer is left uninterrupted for the specified time (you adjust the delay time in the software options).

World Watch® software features include:

  • read the time for locations that you create and store in the software

  • or select from over 475 cities already stored in the software database

  • observe the illuminated pattern on the map as it delineates those areas of the world currently experiencing daylight. Inversely see other areas of the world experiencing dawn, dusk and night

  • the software can display a map of the world showing any one of these modes:
    • a simplified, easy to view low resolution default map
    • color topographical maps - as close to a space walk as most of us will ever realize
    • download (Internet connection required) and display current world climate conditions. View the cloud cover, while temperatures zones are defined by color coding.
    • create and employ your own map of the world!

  • the lighting pattern highlights the progress of the seasons

  • individual digital and analog clocks display the local times and update continuously

  • the global daylight savings times adjust automatically

  • ability to synchronize with Atomic clocks

  • multimedia alarm / chime functions (countdown, or set to a time)

  • international language versions are available

  • software updates via the Internet

  • live media with news via the Internet

  • you retain complete control of the size and position of this global display on your screen.

World Watch® requires:

1. Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 95 version or later.
2. PC with compatible mouse, using at least a 386SX microprocessor
3. 4 Megabytes of RAM (16 MB suggested for high resolution maps)
4. 5 Megabytes of Hard Disk space
5. Internet connection required to download Internet Maps, and Live Weather data. 6. CD Rom drive (we can provide World Watch® in other disk media, please inquire)


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