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Nikon Special Products & Accessories Pricing

Specialized limited availability Nikon products offered by Company Seven

Model Price
Nikon 20x120III Binocular Telescope Limited production straight-through view, platform-mounted binocular telescope with fork mount. P.O.R.
Nikon 20x120III Binocular Telescope Pillar stand to support fork mounted binocular telescope. P.O.R.

Special Lenses
Model Price
Nikon UV-105 F4.5 Lens. Limited production conventional and macro lens with high performance from 220nm in the Ultraviolet to 900nm in the Infrared P.O.R.*

Model Price
Baader Planetarium U-Filter (BPU-2 or 'Venus Filter'). Filter made to pass UV with high transmissivity throughout these portions of the ultraviolet spectrum. Filter blocks visible and infrared. Provided in conventional 48mm filter thread to fit lenses with adapter rings and or filter holders including the Nikon UV-105 F4.5 Lens. $265.00

P.O.R. = limited production/special order item, price quoted upon request.
* = OEM pricing and quantity discounts are available, please


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