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Temperature Compensating Focuser Color Filter Wheel Filters Lenses, Optics Quality Control

Optec Telecompressors for Imaging Applications

Optec NGM filter raytrace showing effect of a telescompressor (Positive Lens)
Above: Raytrace showing the function of a Optec NGM Maxfield Telescompressor
whose components include Positive Lens and Field Flattener elements (180,983 bytes)

    MAXfield 0.33X Three Element Telecompressor engineered for use with f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCT's).

    Next Generation MaxField (NGM) 0.33X Telecompressor Successor to the original MAXfield, the NGM is an improved telecompressor engineered for use with f10 SCT's.

    WideField 0.5X Telecompressor a telecompressor engineered for use with f10 SCT's.

    Ultra WideField 0.62X Four Element Telecompressor a new parfocal telecompressor specifically designed to work with a number of relatively fast apochromatic designs such those made by AstroPhysics, TeleVue, the Takahashi FS-series, and other high-end refractors. The four element optical system delivers an extremely flat field up to 18mm diagonal for CCD detectors. Under Construction

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