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Company Seven is a competent source of Optec, Inc. products and information, service, technical support and advice. We maintain a technically competent staff, each with at least 15 to 20 years or more experience using such equipment in addition to any formal technical and or engineering training. Company Seven serves a clientele that is not only local but is international, many of our customers are on the cutting edge of understanding and employing advances in film and CCD imaging and we do not hesitate to point out that our staff has in turn learned much from our customers. We have developed an uncommonly good theoretical and practical understanding of Optec, Inc. products and their design, and we maintain good access to specialists within Optec, Inc. should we not have the answer to your question. It will become obvious as you browse our Internet site articles that our staff takes more interest in helping to make our customers well informed, and successful than most retailers.

We take pride in showing the more advanced products in the Optec line in our showroom thereby providing the public a rare opportunity to see these items first hand. Company Seven remains one of the very few businesses in the astronomy community that maintains a showroom displaying a representative selection of the better telescopes.


Company Seven accepts order for products by numerous means. These are outlined at , and this page is accessible from almost any page header on our Internet Site.

Company Seven has not become convinced that on-line ordering is always beneficial for the customer, particularly when making a more complicated choice. While on-line ordering certainly is convenient and time effective for the merchant since they do not have to spend time with the customer, the customer is not always making the best choices when buying solely after reading what may be "propaganda" on line. The best ways to make the better choices are to either visit our showroom, or telephone 301-953-2000. This way you can obtain prompt and competent concise assistance which will address your particular needs and concerns.


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