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TeleVue Focusmate™ Dual Speed Focus Mechanism

FocusMate mechanism

Focusing a Tele Vue telescope for critical visual or astrographic applications can now be smoother, more accurate and vibration free when you install the Focusmate™ two speed geared backlash-free focus control. And you can add this fine focusing capability to any TeleVue telescope having the traditional five hole hand knob set.

Right: Focusmate installed onto right side of TeleVue NP101 telescope (86,958 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (122,202 bytes).

The Focusmate provides:

  • Smooth 6:1 ratio planetary ball system for fine focus

  • Backlash free design, focus will not shift under routine working loads

  • Coarse focus knob matches the size and feel of the standard knob

  • Coarse focus knob is rubber covered to distinguish it better

  • Large clear-anodized fine focus knob with embedded Tele Vue logo button

  • Attractive polished stainless steel housing

  • Attaches easily onto either left or right side of the telescope focuser

  • Hardware includes Delrin attachment block, spacer block, and instructions

  • Accepts the optional focus position indicator kits, with choices providing either 10 Micron Resolution or 1 Micron Resolution.

  • Accepts the optional Focusmate™ Driver motor with control software to exercise either manual or precise electronic control of focus locally or remotely.

This accessory is designed to attach in place of either right or left focus knob of most recent and all current production TeleVue telescopes, and so it does not void the Warranty. For owners of older model telescopes with the solid chromed metal disc focus knob, you have a 50/50 chance that Focusmate™ will fit. There were two versions of the previous generation TeleVue focusers installed on telescopes such as the Genesis. To determine whether or not your telescope is compatible simply turn the telescope upside down then rotate the focus knob, see if the pinion is visible while moving then the Focusmate™ will not fit. If the pinion is hidden in a chrome tube then FocusMate will fit.

This is an ungainly looking contraption that seems to take up way too much space hanging off the side of the telescope for our sense of aesthetics, and concerns of vulnerability. But in fact it works, it works very smoothly to provide both coarse and fine focus, and is easier to turn and smoother in its motion than some other devices we've seen, and Focusmate™ is reliable.

If you wish to order the Focusmate™ for your TeleVue telescope then simply contact Company Seven. It is a simple matter to install or remove the Focusmate™ however, if you can bring or ship your telescope to our showroom (by appointment is best) then we will install and adjust it for you at no extra cost.

Product code: TFM-2000


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