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Celestron News 10 June May 2002: Celestron Management Discusses Future of Celestron

    A Message from: Joseph A. Lupica Jr.
    Prospective Acquirer of Celestron International's Assets

    Over the last several months, there has been considerable speculation about Celestron's operational status. Additionally, many people have inquired as to our reaction to the legal action imposed upon the Company by Meade Instruments. Unfortunately there have been many interpretations and innuendos circulating regarding the effect on Celestron of Tasco Worldwide's announcement that it intends to liquidate its assets. Therefore, I feel that it is extremely important that our valued past, present, and future Celestron customers and partners understand the facts and how we are addressing them.

    In the strongest terms possible, I want to emphasize that Celestron is operating and meeting its commitment to you. With your support we will continue to be a strong and viable manufacturer of quality telescopes that include our Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized GoTo telescopes, and sport optics products including binoculars and spotting scopes. Celestron is making every effort to provide its customers and dealers with what they consistently acknowledge is the highest level of Customer Service and Technical Support in the industry.

    Celestron's senior management group, with a long history of building the Company, has entered into an agreement to purchase all of the Company's assets. This management group is committed to maintaining Celestron's reputation and leadership in an industry that can only grow and thrive in an atmosphere of spirited, constructive and progressive competition. Celestron's history of technical achievements and their chronological significance speak for themselves. In contradiction to the false charges brought by a desperate competitor, Celestron will continue to lead this industry, not imitate.

    Although it has been recently enjoined by the FTC for its efforts to eliminate Celestron as a competitor, Meade continues to attempt to pursue a strategy that will restrict your ability to select, evaluate, compare, and purchase products that have been developed and manufactured with your best interest and requirements in mind. Therefore, the ongoing legal battle we are having with Meade Instruments is not only directed at Celestron, it is also damaging to YOU, the consumer. Celestron management is committed to pursuing a resolution that benefits you. We are strong in our resolve to defend our integrity and reputation and are confident that based on the facts and legal precedents, Celestron will emerge stronger than ever.

    The circumstances that have led up to Tasco's recent decision to liquidate its assets are unfortunate. For decades, the Tasco name was synonymous with leadership in the optics product mass consumer market. Celestron, by contrast, has always adhered to its original mission to design, manufacture, and distribute its optics products to the serious amateur hobbyist. Tasco's liquidation now enables Celestron's management group to independently guide the company without the constraints or influence of individuals who have been absent from our day-to-day activities and created the challenges that we will now overcome.

    Our mission is made far easier because our valued customers, dealers, and partners have come forward with such strong encouragement and support. We very much appreciate your show of confidence in our company and its products.

    I hope those of you who have read this will be compelled to express your thoughts and opinions to us as well. To that end, please e-mail your comments and suggestions to:

    Joseph A. Lupica Jr.


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