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News from DayStar Filter Company

    Red ball (924 bytes) 1 April 2014 DayStar Announces QUARK Hydrogen-Alpha Filters.

    Red ball (924 bytes) 1 February 2014 Sean League, Sales Director of DayStar Filter Company visits C7.

    Red ball (924 bytes) 13 May 2008 Del Woods, founder of DayStar Filter Company (1936-2006).

    Red ball (924 bytes) 10 February 2006 ICSTARS buys DayStar Filter Company

    Red ball (924 bytes) 9 May 2005 Del Woods, Founder and Sole Proprietor of DayStar Taken Ill

1 April 2014: DayStar Announces QUARK Hydrogen-Alpha Filters.

1 February 2014: Sean League, Sales Director of DayStar Filter Company visits C7.
    Above left: DayStar SR-127 f/8 Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope as shown at Company Seven on 1 Feb. 2014 (69,179 bytes)
    Above center: DayStar 127mm f/8 Hydrogen-Alpha telescope Quantum filter and focuser (47,811 bytes).
    Click on images to see enlarged views (241,948 and 153,772 bytes).

    We look forward to some more announcements of new DayStar products, several which will joint Company Seven's collection of Hydrogen-Alpha and Calcium K-Line filter products that we routinely use on our "Solar Saturday" observing sessions and other public events.

13 May 2008: Del Woods, Founder of DayStar Filter Company died 10 February 2006: ICSTARS buys DayStar Filter Company

    On 10 February it was announced that assets of the DayStar Filter Company have been sold to a partnership that will operate from now on as "DayStar Filters LLC" (Limited Liability Corporation). In an announcement released by ICSTARS, the Warrensburg, Missouri based company explained:

    Del Woods and Vic Winter (150,648 bytes) "ICSTARS owners, Vic & Jen Winter, are prominent figures in many areas of amateur astronomy. They are owners of Astronomical Tours, a company specializing in travel specifically for astronomers, operate the popular astronomy website,, as well as former editors of the national amateur astronomy newsletter, The Reflector. The two direct the Southern Skies Star Party in Bolivia and are founders of the Not-for-Profit StarGarden Foundation. Vic Winter is a JPL NASA Solar System Ambassador and prestigious first awardee of the Astronomical League's Solar Observer Certificate number one, and was the only holder of that award for 10 years. Vic has been observing and photographing the sun in high-resolution hydrogen alpha for decades and has compiled years of extensive filtergram studies.

    Right: Del Woods and to the right is Vic Winters 13 Feb 2006 (150,648 bytes).

    DayStar owner, Del Woods first began manufacturing narrow-bandpass hydrogen-alpha solar filters over 37 years ago. Those precision filters have been used in amateur, university and flown space applications around the world at hydrogen-alpha and calcium K-line wavelengths. Though it was once the foremost solar filter manufacturer in the world, DayStar's production had all but ended in recent years because of health concerns of owner Del Woods.

    Under new management and armed with the support and expertise of Mr. Woods, ICSTARS will breath life back into the DayStar filter line. With some additional modernizations and applications, the new DayStar will continue to support existing owners and introduce intermediate and advanced astronomers to the benefits of large aperture, tuned sub-angstrom solar observing.

    The DayStar facility is being relocated to the ICSTARS Ranch in Missouri, where first priority for management will be to service needs of existing DayStar clients. A small number of new filters will be produced for demonstration and fulfillment of back-orders in March of 2006. New filter orders would be ready for delivery as early as May - 2006.

    DayStar hydrogen-alpha and Calcium K-line filters are rear-mounted etalon-based filtration systems, which allows for maximum resolution and detail with telescopes of any aperture, limited only by the optical quality of the telescope and Dawes's limit, the empirical resolution limit set by atmospheric seeing.

    Once filters are in production, DayStar will present updates to the line, allowing more convenient applications and precision filter operation for a broad range of solar observers.

    We understand Del Woods will be teaching the new owners his tricks of the trade, and will stay on in some consulting capacity at least for the near future.

    It is too early to tell what changes will be made to the product line, if any. But among the policy changes we have observed is the reduction in the new DayStar filter warranty from the previous ten years, to five. So any new filters sold bearing the DayStar trademark from 2006 on will be covered for five years.

    Company Seven will continue our work as the most experienced and long lived remaining DayStar distributor while we will pay close attention to the qualities and changes that are likely to come under the new ownership. We are optimistic that the enthusiastic and good hearted people who are going to give it a go will breathe new life into the solar observing community.

9 May 2005: Del Woods, Founder and Sole Proprietor of DayStar Taken Ill


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