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The Sum of Years of Experience - Since 1849

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Seeing the fascinating world of nature at close range enables us to understand it better. A glance through the color-faithful, high-magnification LEICA high performance spotting scopes and binoculars is enough for the expert observer to see what would otherwise be unseen. And the mechnaical qualities make this one purchase for a lifetime. The brilliance and sharpness of an image are governed by a diversity of technical and physical aspects and by interdependent conditions. The single most important criterion for spotting telescopes and binoculars will always be the quality of the optics and their longevity.

Leica sports optics products of recent years

Seeing more, experiencing more, being closer to the action and discovering a fascinating world from a new angle - these are the principles upon which development of generations of Leica TRINOVID binoculars is based. And Leica carries on its tradition of excellence with the latest generation of ULTRAVID and APO-TELEVID instruments.

Right: just some of the world that you are missing if you are seeing that world without Leica...
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At Leica, painstaking dedication ranges from optical computation to glass selection and fabrication, from multiple layer coatings to precision manufacturing with uncompromising multiple tiered quality control. The selection of glasses is based not only on their suitability for the best possible correction of aberrations, but on the best possible light transmission and neutral color rendition as well. To maximize light transmission, every internal air to glass surface in an optical system receives a special multi-layer coating that is specifically engineered to the seeing conditions of the human eye. In addition, a scratch resistant hard coating is then applied to the external surfaces of the front lens and of the eyepiece. The result of this meticulous approach becomes vividly apparent upon the very first look through a Leica binocular or spotting telescope: you enjoy an extraordinarily sharp, snappy and outstandingly bright image. So whether you are shooting at a 1,000 yard target range and need to see the mirage, or you seek perfect enough color fidelity to study the health of or categorize wildlife, or you are surveilling bad guys and trying to determine the contents of their packets by the color and texture, Leica makes sense for you.

The people who work at Company Seven will most likely be seen, when out for a stroll at a park, at the theatre or sports, or on travel with their own Leica binoculars. Having a premium binocular provides a view that can be simply startlingly clear and bright, so much so that you too will find yourself taking them along in your car or purse for the comfort of knowing they will be there even if you initially did not think an opportunity to use them would present itself.

  • We have seen the spouting of Whales off the coast of Maui with a compact Leica binocular, even though we were only on a casual drive to a restaurant up the coast. But simply because we had that splendid binocular handy we observed something clearly that we had never seen before.

  • We have seen breathtaking views of wildlife at our local lake, stunning scenes of the countryside, panoramas of cities - Honolulu and Oahu from Diamond Head, Paris from the Eiffel Tower and Montemartre, wildlife in jungles or zoos, and much more on our travels.

    We see more of where we visit than most others, even some who live there, simply because we are well equipped to appreciate what others are barely given a hint about.

  • We have enjoyed sports and concerts - even from the cheap seats with a clarity and perspective that surpassed that seen by most others at the venue.

Company Seven's expertise and binoculars can put you in the front row.
So, how much life have you been missing so far?

DAR Constitution Hall interior Oct. 2011 (155,399 bytes)
DAR Constitution Hall at Washington DC. Stage viewed from our seats 29 Oct. 2011
Image by M. Cohen with Apple iPhone camera (101,190 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (362,758 bytes).
DAR Constitution Hall stage view Oct. 2011 (155,399 bytes)
Sting with band onstage at DAR Constitution Hall, 29 Oct. 2011
Image by M. Cohen with pocket digital camera at maximum 3.8x zoom (47,569 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (174,077 bytes).
DAR Constitution Hall interior Oct. 2011 (109,794 bytes)
Sting as we saw him on stage at DAR Constitution Hall, 29 Oct. 2011
Image by M. Cohen with pocket digital camera and Leica 10x 42 binocular (101,190 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (109,794 bytes).
DAR Constitution Hall stage view Oct. 2011 (155,399 bytes)
Sting closing the show at DAR Constitution Hall, 29 Oct. 2011
Image by M. Cohen with pocket digital camera and Leica 10x 42 binocular (76,713 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (221,592 bytes).

The concert photos above were all taken hand-held with available light, no tripod or other portable support was used.

And since the true value of an investment is best measured over years of service, these instruments are built to withstand day to day service in beyond the most extreme environments where the human body can endure. So we suggest you plan to amortize the cost of your Leica over several decades of good service.

Leica photo optics products of recent years


Photography - Reproduction - Observation: Since 1913 when the company was known as "Leitz" developed their first prototype 35mm focal plane shutter camera body, Leitz cameras have been among the most publicly desired and recognizable aspects of their products.

Over a century of experience and modern manufacturing technology: Research, development, and long standing know-how in design and manufacturing endow Leica with the ideal prerequisites for the making of precision instruments. Their high performance is achieved through the unsurpassed harmony of meticulous craftsmanship, multiple tiers of quality control inspection, and superior material. Glass of unsurpassed quality and specially selected metals form the basis of this excellence.

The glass for Leica lenses is melted according to specific Leica formulae. Precision Leica optics calculation is responsible for the unique standing of the world famous Leica lenses: it determines the optical characteristics of the lens elements, the precise finish and form of the lenses themselves, the computer controlled multiple coating and laser controlled centering.

A great deal of manual workmanship even today, together with modern manufacturing technology is what distinguishes this chain of high performance. The precision parts are manufactured predominantly from metals - this means, for example aluminum and brass, ideally suited to each other, for rugged housings and precise fittings, for silky smooth helical mounts and sturdy bayonet attachments. The automatic spring back aperture, for instance must maintain exact values even after 50,000 shutter releases!

If optical and mechanical systems are what determine outstanding Leica imaging quality, then intelligent Leica electronics play no less important a role. Leica camera electronics systems are not merely a technical gadget, they are utilized as an optimum aid for composing superior photographs. An exceptional characteristic of the finely tuned electronic system is its dependable functioning even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

However, the real secret of the enduring value of all of the Leica products lies in constant quality control and extreme durability tests throughout the design and manufacturing processes. Minimum tolerances compete with the highest standard which, in the end, is measured by a brilliant visual or photographic image.


In addition to selling Leica products Company Seven also offers many ways to reward those who are astute enough to order theirs from us. This includes providing unexcelled technical competence, services to assure perfect qualities of anything you buy here, and support after the sale including replacement parts for up to decades after the sale.


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