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"An entirely different way to study the stars, and with some really cool gear!"

Technical information and advice about spectroscopy, and about selecting your Shelyak instrument

Spectroscopy: History And Overview

    Solar spectroscopy outside with Shelyak instruments (151,745 bytes)

  • PDF Icon Small Telescope Spectroscopy by Olivier Thizy of Shelyak Instruments. This is the complete one hundred forty five (145) page color illustrated presentation in English by Olivier Thizy of Shelyak Instruments, presented at the NEAIC conference on 18 April 2013. This is one of the most informative and easy to comprehend presentations on the subject. It was produced by Mr. Thizy who has extensive experience with not only the science of spectroscopy and applications, but also with teaching spectroscopy to a broad audience. Included are explanations in layman’: terms of: the history of spectroscopy, the science of spectroscopy, and uses of spectroscopy with an overview of the technology and available equipment ranging from simple diffraction gratings up to complex guiding spectrographs and associated CCD systems. The document is lavishly illustrated with photos, graphs and readouts acquired by the instruments discussed herein.

    Shelyac equipment discussed includes their: diffraction grating spectrograph, the Star Analyzer spectroscope, the Alpy 600 modular spectrograph and calibrator, the LISA spectrograph, Lhires Lite handheld, spectrograph, the Lhires III spectrograph, and eShel professional optical fiber fed spectrograph. If you are interested in knowing what spectroscopy is about, or entertaining the prospect of acquiring instruments for this work then you should be reading this document. This thirty (30) megabyte document provided as a Adobe .pdf file (30,996,233 bytes).

  • PDF Icon Why To Do Astronomical Spectroscopy? by Olivier Thizy of Shelyak Instruments. This is the complete sixty four (64) page color illustrated presentation in English by Olivier Thizy of Shelyak Instruments, presented at the BAA Spectroscopy Workshop, Norman Lockyer Observatory, 10 June 2015. Another of his presentations on the subject, this one is simple for a teen or adult to read but those with some background physics or chemistry will fully appreciate some of the aspects of spectroscopy covered. It was produced by Mr. Thizy who has extensive experience with not only the science of spectroscopy and applications, but also with teaching spectroscopy to a broad audience. Mr. Thizy explains why spectroscopy is such a fun and practical science for the amateur astronomer, at least in part he writes because it becomes:

      • FUN to learn Optics,
      • FUN to learn (Astro) Physics,
      • FUN to share and teach,
      • and FUN to contribute!

    He goes on to explain the why about the above premises. The document too is well illustrated with photos, graphs and readouts acquired by Shelyak’:s instruments. Mr. Thizy offers advice about setting up programs and events suitable for high school level education and for public event audiences. This presentation goes into more detail about spectroscopy and analysis of results including: demonstrating how the rotational period of Saturn can be measured, a discussion about spectroscopic binaries, photometry and spectrophotometry, pulsating stars, symbiotic stars, microquasars, robotic observations.

    Shelyac equipment discussed includes their: the Alpy 600 modular spectrograph and calibrator, the Lhires III spectrograph. If you are interested in knowing more what you can do with spectroscopy, or entertaining the prospect of acquiring instruments for this work then you should be reading this document after reading the one above. This eighteen (18.4) megabyte document provided as a Adobe .pdf file (18,389,406 bytes).

Shelyak instruments products (135,253 bytes)

Shelyak Instruments Products Specific Files

  • PDF Icon Shelyak Instruments Spectrographs Catalog 2014. This is the moderate resolution (200 dpi) scan of the complete sixteen (16) page color illustrated catalog describing and illustrating the Shelyak spectrographs offered at Company Seven including: Handheld Spectroscope, Lhires Lite, Star Analyzer, Alpy and Alpy Calibrator, LISA and LISA Pack, LHIRES III, eShel. Also shown in the index but not described are the Occultation Kit, Dome Tracker and Sentinel. Document scanned by Company Seven and provided as a Adobe .pdf file (2,809,320 bytes).

  • PDF Icon Alpy Modular Spectrograph And Calibrator

  • PDF Icon LISA Spectrograph

  • PDF Icon LHIRES III Modular Spectrograph

  • PDF Icon eShel Professional Optical Fiber-fed Spectrograph

    under construction - coming soon

MULTIMEDIA: Presentations, Instructional, Software

  • MM Icon coming soon. Content will be available from Company Seven as video and software files delivered in a DVD or download.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Publications recommended by Shelyak and Company Seven

These references were complied and cataloged by Shelyak Instruments to help you find a suitable book depending on your interest. This list is sorted by theme, then by language (English or French), and by interest (a very subjective criteria of course). Since Company Seven is a distributor of books by many scientific publishing houses you may contact us to obtain current pricing and availability, and to order of course after all it is your support that makes our development and hosting of this resource possible. Feel free to visit our showroom, or contact us by telephone (301-953-2000), or send E-Mail.

[Français] Ces références ont été compilés et catalogués par Shelyak Instruments pour vous aider à trouver un livre adapté en fonction de votre intérêt. Cette liste est triée par théme, puis par langue (anglais ou français), et par intrêt (un critére trés subjectif bien sûr).

      flag english Publications in English

      flag french Shelyak Instruments company is based in France, hence they recommend a number of publications in French

biblio History / Histoire

flag english The analysis of starlight : two centuries of astronomical spectroscopy (John B. Hearnshaw)
[Cambridge University Press, 2014 second edition; ISBN: 9781107031746]
John B. Hearnshaw is professor of astronomy in the department of physics and astronomy of the university of Canterbury, New Zealand. This edition has been extended to year 2000, and thus cover the history of astronomical spectroscopy from early nineteenth (Fraunhofer study of solar spectrum absorption lines) to late twentieth century (discovery of exoplanets). This is a master piece of historical review of astronomical spectroscopy through this time. A must have in your library, now widely available in this second edition.

flag english Advancing variable star astronomy – the centennial history of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (Thomas S. Williams, Michael Saladyga)
[Cambridge University Press, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-51912-0]
Founded in 1911, the AAVSO boasts over 1200 members and observers and is the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to variable star observation. This book marks the the AAVSO's centennial year, presenting an authoritative and accurate history of this important association.

flag english Astronomical spectrographs and their history (John B. Hearnshaw)
[Cambridge University Press, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 9780521882576]
John B. Hearnshaw is professor of astronomy in the department of physics and astronomy of the university of Canterbury, New Zealand. Somehow following his top book 'the analysis of starlight', he reviews here several spectrograph design from an historical point of view. The selection of the spectrograph presented in this book are sometimes arbitrary. It is a little bit thin and could have been extended with some more recent spectrographs, including commercial spectrographs from Shelyak Instruments.

flag english The measurement of starlight : two centuries of astronomical photometry (John B. Hearnshaw)
[Cambridge University Press, 2005 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-01828-5]
John B. Hearnshaw, professor at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, wrote here a survey of astronomical photometry, showing the advent of new technology.

flag english Great astronomers in european history (Paul Marston)
[University of Central Lancashire, 2014 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-901922-97-4]
An interesting chapter on Isaac Newton, and the last chapter on the birth of astrophysics which would have deserved more work and space in this book.

flag english Yerkes observatory 1892-1950 (Donald E. Osterbrock)
[The University of Chicago Press, 1997 first edition; ISBN: 0-226-63945-2]
Some interesting stories on this important observatory where Otto Struve was located.

flag french L'astronomie au féminin (Yaël Nazé)
[Vuibert, 2006 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7117-7163-6]
Un livre facile à lire et très intéressant en général, et plus particulièrement le chapitre sur Pickering et les femmes qui ont fait la spectroscopie : Williamina Paton Flemming, Antonia Caetana Maury, Annie Jump Cannon... mais aussi Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (cf livres écrit par elle par exemple).

flag french L'univers dévoilé (James Lequeux)
[EDP Sciences, 2005 first édition; ISBN: 2-86883-792-1]
Astronome à l'Observatoire de Paris et spécialiste des galaxies et de la matière interstellaire, James Lequeux consacre la fin de sa carrière dans des ouvrages plutôt historiques. Celui-ci fait une revue générale de l'astronomie et de l'astrophysique de 1910 à 1970.

flag french Une histoire de la lumière (Stéphane Le Gars)
[Vuibert, 2010 first édition; ISBN: 978-2-35656-034-6]
Un historique succinct mais toutefois intéressant sur la spectroscopie.

flag french Les figures de l'arc-en-ciel (Michel Blay)
[Belin, 2005 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7011-4143-5]
Une collection très bien illustrée et facile à lire. Cet ouvrage explique comment sont vu et expliqués les arc-en-ciel selon les époques; un très bon livre historique.

biblio General Astronomy / Astronomie Générale

flag english The rôle of astronomy in society and culture – IAU Symposium 260 (David Valls-Gabaud, Alexander Boksenberg)
[Cambridge University Press, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-76477-3]
A recent book with some interesting example of public outreach and astronomy education, important for those willing to do public outreach in astronomy in general and astronomical spectroscopy in particular. Based on IAU Symposium 260 in Paris (France) on January 19-23, 2009 (International Year of Astronomy).

flag english The hundred greatest stars (James B. Kaler)
[Copernicus books, 2002 first edition; ISBN: 0-387-95436-8]
An original and unique way to look at astronomy : James Kaler paints intimate portraits of the 100 stars he likes best. Several of them would be ideal targets for your backyard spectrographs !

flag english Galactic astronomy (James Binney, Michael Merrifield)
[Princeton University press, 1998 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-691-02565-0]
A compact but rather well structured and complere book on astrophysics.

flag english The teaching of astronomy – IAU colloquium 105 (Jay M. Pasachoff, John R. Percy)
[Cambridge University Press, 1990 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-42966-8]
An old book but which may be of some interest for those willing to do public outreach in astronomy in general, and astronomical spectroscopy in particular.

flag english Introduction to astronomy (Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin)
[Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1956 second edition]
A general overview of astronomy in the middle of the twentieth century, Shelyak mainly recommends the chapters on the physics of the stars and variable stars.

flag french Astronomie méthodes et calculs, exercices corrigés (Agnès Acker, Carlos Jaschek)
[Masson, 1995 3ème édition; ISBN: 2-225-84689-8]
Agnès Acker est une astronome professionnelle de l'université de Strasbourg, reconnue notamment pour son travail sur les nébuleuses planétaires. Cet ouvrage est malheureusement épuisé mais est une source intarissable de projets en astronomie pratique.

flag french Initiation à la cosmologie (Marc Lachièze-Rey)
[Dunod, 2004 4ème édition; ISBN: 2-10-007586-1]
Chercheur au CNRD et au Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, l'auteur propose un très bon support de cours de cosmologie avec relativement peu d'équations (mais un peu quand même).

flag french Les étoiles (Dominique Proust, Jacques Breysacher)
[Seuil, 1996 first édition; ISBN: 2-02-023781-4]
Une revue concise et simple de l'évolution des étoiles.

biblio Technology / Technologie

flag english Diffraction Grating Handbook (Christopher Palmer)
[Newport corporation, 2014 seventh edition]
This reference handbook – from one of the top grating manufacturers contains much key information about this technology.

flag english Introduction to Astronomical Spectroscopy (Immo Appenzeller)
[Cambridge University Press, 2013 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-107-60179-6]
Emeritus Professor Immo Appenzeller (University of Heidelberg, Germany) offers us a complete and comprehensive introduction to astronomical spectroscopy. While he doesn't cover available off-the-shelf commercial spectrograph for amateurs and universities, this book is a must read.

flag english Optical astronomical spectroscopy (Christopher R. Kitchin)
[IOP Publishing Ltd, 1995; ISBN: 0-7503-0346-8]
Dr. Chris R. Kitchin (University of Hertfordshire) wrote here a concise graduate textbook – a must have in the library of astronomical spectroscopist to understand how spectrographs work and to have some basics on astrophysics.

flag english Introduction to spectropolarimetry (Jose Carlos del Toro Iniestaé)
[Cambridge University Press, 2007 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-81827-3]
The author (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia) gives a very good introduction to this subject as it relates to optical spectroscopy. Fist published in 2003, this book does require a good working knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Astronomical spectroscopy : an introduction to the atomic and molecular physics of astronomical spectra (Jonathan Tennyson)
[Imperial College Press, 2005 first edition; ISBN: 1-86094-529-5]
The author (University College London) gives a comprehensive review of the subject.

flag english Astronomical spectroscopy (A.D. Thackeray)
[Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1961 first edition]
Dr. Thackeray started at the Solar Physics Observatory (Cambridge) before moving to Radcliffe Observatory in Pretoria, South Africa. This book presents the subject of astronomical spectroscopy as known in the middle of the twentieht century. It is an excellent book for beginners even now.

flag english Optics (Francis Graham Smith, J. H. Thomson)
[John Wiley & sons Ltd, 1988 second edition; ISBN: 0-471-91535-1]
This second edition was published 19 years after the first one. The book is very well organized (a flow diagram is even provided on first back cover) and is intended for the one interested in designing their own instrument.

flag english The Alt-Az initiative – telescope, mirror and instrument developments (Russell M. Genet)
[Collins Foundation Press, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-9788441-4-1]
This book is around lightweight, low cost, portable 1 to 2 meter telescopes being developed by the Alt-Az initiative, an enthusiastic group of amateur telescope makers, instrumentalists, and professional astronomers who are pushing the state-of-the-art for the fun of it.

flag english A practical guide to light curve photometry and analysis (Brian D. Warner)
[BDW publishing, 2003 first edition; ISBN: 0-9743849-0-9]
While not covering spectroscopy, this book gives some good insight on how to perform scientific measurement with a CCD camera. And often photometry can lead to spectroscopy, the two technics being somehow related and often required in parallel to study astronomical objects.

flag english Astronomical optics (Daniel J. Schroeder)
[Academic Press, 1987 first edition; ISBN: 0-12-629805-X]
Spectroscopy is covered over four chapters of this book by Daniel J. Schroeder (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA). This book is for people interested in designing their own spectrograph.

flag french Expériences d'optique agrégation de Sciences Physiques (Roger Duffat)
[Bréal, 1997 2ème édition; ISBN: 2-84291-027-3]
Professeur à l'université Claude Bernard de Lyon, Roger Duffat nous livre ici un excellent livre sur l'optique couvrant des sujet aussi vaste que la spectroscopie, la polarimétrie mais bien plus encore !

biblio Practical Spectroscopy / Spectroscopie Pratique

flag english Astronomical spectrography for amateurs (Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner)
[EDP Sciences, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-2-7598-0629-4]
A reference but also a collector book as this EAS vol 47 publication series is the proceedings of the Oleron pro/am CNRS school in 2003 which triggered the development of the first Shelyak Instruments instrument : Lhires III. This book covers some theory, some instrumental and software aspect of spectroscopy, but also includes some key reference articles for pro/am collaboration or just educational projects (comets, nebulae, Be stars, Sun).

flag english Using commercial amateur astronomical spectrographs (Jeffrey L. Hopkins)
[Springer, 2014 first edition; ISBN: 978-3-319-01441-8]
A good & recent review of commercial spectrographs available at that time.

flag english Grating spectroscopes and how to use them (Ken M. Harrison)
[Springer, 2012 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4614-1396-7]
Another book from the Springer's Patrick Moore's practical astronomy series, where Ken Harrison help beginners with grating spectroscopes (such as the Star Analyser) to start in astronomical spectroscopy.

flag english Astronomical spectroscopy for amateurs (Ken M. Harrison)
[Springer, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4419-7238-5]
This is a complete (at his time, commercial spectrographs offering from Shelyak Instruments has largely increase since then) guide for the amateur spectroscopist. Several aspect of this book would require a more in-depth description – but links to key internet or book resources are provided to go further.

flag english Practical amateur spectroscopy (Stephen F. Tonkin)
[Springer, 2002 first edition; ISBN: 1-8523-3489-4]
Practical amateur spectroscopy was a key book at his time, regrouping articles from several authors. But technology and now off-the-shelf commercial spectrographs from Shelyak Instruments make this book a little bit outdated.

flag english Small Telescope Astronomical Spectroscopy (Jeffrey L. Hopkins)
[HPO, 2012 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-615-61540-0]
A previous version of the now published in Springer book from Jeff Hopkins (Hopkins Phoenix Observatory) : using commercial amateur astronomical spectrographs.

biblio Observation

flag english To measure the sky, an introduction to observational astronomy (Frederick R. Chromey)
[Cambridge University Press, 2011 second edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-74768-4]
In more than 400 pages, Frederick R. Chromey (Director of Vassar College Observatory, USA) introduces the fundamentals topics in optical observational astronomy for the undergraduates, based on his almost 40 years of experience in this area.

flag english Scientific astrophotography – how amateurs can generate and use professional imaging data (Gerald R. Hubbell)
[Springer, 2013 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4614-5172-3]
Spectroscopy is only a small subset of this book on digital imaging. Gerald Hubbell provides there a very good companion for anyone dipping their toe into the digital imaging realm for the first time. A very good starting point toward a more scientific approach, leading eventually to a more a professional and amateur collaboration.

flag english Small Telescopes and Astronomical Research (Russell M. Genet)
[Collins Foundation Press, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-9788441-3-4]
This book chronicles the remarkable resurgence in small telescope astronomical research sparked by three technical breakthrough : compact Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, personal computers, and affordable CCD cameras. This book is a collection of articles written by several authors.

flag english Advanced Amateur Astronomy (Gerald North)
[Cambridge University Press, 1997 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-57407-2]
This book could appear dated especially on the subject of spectroscopy where so much has happened for the advanced amateur astronomer since it’s publication, but it does include some fundamental content which are still current.

flag english Observing Visual Double Stars (Paul Couteau)
[MIT Press, 1981 first edition; ISBN: 0-262-03077-2]
Translation by Alan H. Batten of Paul Couteau's book ‘L’observation des étoiles doubles visuelles' published in 1978. While not specific to spectroscopy, this book can be interesting from an historical perspective but also give some idea of project to run including Radial Velocity measurements on closer spectroscopic binaries.

flag french L’observation En Astrophysique (Pierre Léna)
[EDP Sciences, 2008 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-86883-877-3]
En plus de 700 pages, cet ouvrage écrit par plusieurs auteurs présente une vue synthétique des outils et méthodes de l'observation astronomique en ce début du XXIè siècle. Cette édition est bâtie sur une série de cours de niveau doctoral.

flag french L'observation En Astronomie (Pierre Léna)
[Ellipses, 2009 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-7298-4086-0]
Ecrit par un collectif d'auteurs, cet ouvrage met en perspective le développement historique des moyens d'observations astronomique ainsi que le rôle des équipes de chercheurs français et européens dans les découvertes qu'ils ont permises.

flag french Pas à pas dans l'Univers 15 expériences d'astronomie pour tous (Planète Sciences)
[Vuibert, 2009 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-7117-2229-7]
Un chapitre couvre la spectroscopie avec la mesure de la température des étoiles avec un simple Star Analyser devant un objectif photographique.

biblio Physics / Physique

flag english Atomic spectra and atomic structure (Gerhard Herzberg)
[Dover, 1945; ISBN: 486-60115-3]
Gerhard Herzberg, a research professor of Physics at University of Saskatchewan (translation by J.W.T. Spinks) offers us an old but excellent book to understand how spectral line are formed.

flag english The Elements: A Visual Exploration Of Every Known Atom In The Universe (Theodore Gray)
[Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-57912-814-2]
A very pictorial review of each element, and with interesting stories about each of them.

flag english The spectra and structures of simple free radicals : an introduction to molecular spectroscopy (Gerhard Herzberg)
[Dover, 1988 second edition; ISBN: 0-486-65821-X]
Based on the lectures given by professor Garhard Herzberg (National Research Council, Canada) at Cornell University in 1968, this concise volume is a distilled version of his monumental three-volume study, molecular spectra and molecular structure. Authorative and clearly written, it comprises a superb resources for anyone interested in a concise, yet complete treatment of the fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy. A more complexe volume compared to 'atomic spectra and atomic structure' from the same author.

flag french La clé de Salomon (Jose Rodriguez Dos Santos)
[HC Editions, 2014 first édition; ISBN: 978-2-3572-0176-7]
Un très bon roman (le précédent du même auteur était aussi très bon) qui mélange science et fiction. Il parle de façon didactique tout au long du roman de la théorie de la mécanique quantique, ce qui en fait un ouvrage particulièrement intéressant pour mieux comprendre cette théorie et l'histoire de son développement.

flag french Alice au pays des quanta (Robert Gilmore)
[Springer, 1995 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7465-0287-9]
Un petit livre qui se lit comme un roman mais à travers lequel on apprend beaucoup sur la mécanique quantique, ce de manière assez amusante par une parodie de Alice au pays des merveilles

flag french Les couleurs de l'univers (Yaël Nazé)
[Belin, 2005 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7011-4112-5]
Une collection très bien illustrée et facile à lire. Cet ouvrage montre comment l'univers est vu en fonction de la 'couleur de ses lunettes' !

flag french Lumière et luminescence (Bernard Valeur)
[Belin, 2005 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7011-3603-2]
Une collection très bien illustrée et facile à lire. Cet ouvrage fait la revue de la lumière avec un chapitre important sur le fluorescence.

flag french L'état du plasma – le feu de l'Univers (Thierry Lehner)
[Vuibert, 2004 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-7117-5357-3]
Découvert d'abord en laboratoire et reconnu par la communauté des physiciens qu'en 1928, le plasma existe naturellement sur notre planète (ex : la foudre) mais est également très présent dans la magnétosphère, le Soleil, les étoiles, etc.

flag french La Classification Périodique Des éléments (Paul Depovere)
[de Boeck, 2002 2ème édition; ISBN: 2-8041-4107-1]
La table périodique des éléments à travers l'origine cosmique des éléments et quelques faits historiques

flag french Voyage au cœur de la lumière (Trinh Xuan Thuan)
[Gallimard, 2008 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-07-034902-9]
Un ouvrage particulière fin mais bien illustré sur la lumière et l'optique.

flag french La lumère (Bernard Maitte)
[Seuil, 1981 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-02-006034-5]
La lumière et l'optique à travers les âges. Un ouvrage avec peu d'illustration mais assez intéressant bien qu'ancien.

biblio Astrophysics / Astrophysique

flag english An introduction to modern astrophysics (Bradley W. Caroll, Dale A. Ostlie)
[Pearson, Addison Wesley, 2007 second edition; ISBN: 0-8053-0402-9]
In over 1200 pages, the authors provide the most authoritative textbook available on modern astrophysics for undergraduate astrophysics courses. This reference book - a must have in your library – does contain some equations but most subjects are accessible without mathematical knowledge.

flag english Atoms, Stars and Nebulae (Lawrence H. Aller)
[Cambridge University Press, 1975 third edition; ISBN: 0-521-31040-7]
The first edition of this reference book was written by Leo Goldberg & Lawrence H. Aller in 1943. It a very good course textbook accessible to a wide audience.

flag english Spectroscopic astrophysics, an assessment of the contribution of Otto Struve (George H. Herbig)
[University of California Press, 1970 first edition; ISBN: 520-01410-3]
A must read book edited by George Herbig (Lick observatory, University of California) after Otto Struve death in Berkeley on april 6, 1963. It includes a series of articles written by Otto Struve from 1933 (spectral classification) to 1945 (spectroscopic binaries). This book is a precious list of peculiar object to study with your spectrograph from your backyard!

flag english Starlight: An Introduction To Stellar Physics For The Amateur (Keith Robinson)
[Springer, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4419-0707-3]
A good overview of stellar physics but a lack of exemple of actual star spectra to illustrate makes this book more theoretical rather than practical. But it is a comprehensive book on astrophysics for amateur, without the complex equations that most undergraduate books include.

flag english Foundations Of Astronomy (Michael A. Seeds)
[Brooks/Cole, 2001 sixth edition; ISBN: 0-534-37855-2]
A rather old but excellent well illustrated and complete book on astronomy & astrophysics in general.

flag english Interpreting astronomical spectra (David Emerson)
[John Wiley & sons Ltd, 1997 second edition; ISBN: 0-471-94176-X]
Dr. David Emerson (1943-1996) was at University of Edinburgh. This reference book describes how physical conditions such as temperature, density and composition can be obtained from the spectra of a brod range of astronomical environments ranging from the cold interstellar medium to the very hot coronal gas and from stellar atmospheres to quasars.

flag english Frontiers of astrophysics (Eugene H. Avrett)
[Harvard University Press, 1976; ISBN: 0-674-32659-8]
Each chapter is written by a different author and list a good set of references at the end. The book is edited by Eugene H. Avrett (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) and provides the reader with a comprehensive overview about astrophysics knowledge at that time.

flag french img align=right src="../../shelyak/graphics/biblio/Lequeux2011.JPG" width="200"> Une introduction à naissance, évolution et mort des étoiles (James Lequeux)
[EDP Sciences, 2011 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-7598-0638-6]
Un livre assez simple mais très complet qui donne une très bonne revue des bases de l'astrophysique et de l'évolution stellaire. Un 'must-have' dans votre bibliothèque !

flag french A la découverte de l'Univers – introduction à l'astronomie et à l'astrophysique (Neil F. Comins)
[de Boeck, 2011 1ère édition; ISBN: 978-2-8041-6603-8]
Un ouvrage complet, support de cours d'astronomie et d'astrophysique et particulièrement complet pour l'astronome amateur qui souhaite aller plus loin dans la compréhension de l'Univers. Un peu plus récent que l'ouvrage 'Astronomie & astrophysique' de Séguin & Villeneuve, il est tout aussi complet et du même genre. Un livre indispensable pour démarrer sa bibliothèque.

flag french Astronomie Astrophysique Introduction (Agnès Acker)
[Dunod, 2005 4ème édition; ISBN: 2-10-005462-7]
Agnès Acker est une astronome professionnelle de l'université de Strasbourg, reconnue notamment pour son travail sur les nébuleuses planétaires. Alors que la première édition (1978) était un support de cours un peu en vrac, cette édition est particulièrement bien structuré. Passionnante, la lecture de cet ouvrage demande parfois un peu de connaissance mathématique. En dépit des 449 pages du livre, certaines parties donne envie d'aller plus loin ce qui demande souvent la lecture d'ouvrages en anglais... Un livre à absolument avoir dans sa bibliothèque de spectroscopiste qui veut comprendre ce qu'il observe voir trouver des idées de projets à mener.

flag french Méthodes de l'astrophysique : comment connaître et comprendre l'Univers (Lucienne Gougenheim)
[Hachette, 1981 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-01-007806-3]
Lucienne Gouguenheim est professeur à l'université Paris-Sud et est spécialiste de la radio astronomie. Son livre est un excellent support de cours d'astronomie et d'astrophysique. Il est particulièrement adapté aux astronomes amateurs sans trop d'équations mathématiques.

flag french Astrophysique : étoiles, Univers et relativité (Jean Heyvaerts)
[Dunod, 2006 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-10-049862-2]
L'auteur (université de Strasbourg) nous livre là un cours assez complet d'astrophysique pour niveau Master (première année), avec un bon niveau mathématique nécessaire à sa compréhension.

flag french Astronomie et Astrophysique (Marc Séguin, Benoît Villeneuve)
[Masson, 1995 1ère édition; ISBN: 2-225-84994-3]
Un ouvrage complet, support de cours d'astronomie et d'astrophysique et particulièrement complet pour l'astronome amateur qui souhaite aller plus loin dans la compréhension de l'Univers. Un peu plus ancien que l'ouvrage équivalent de Comins, il reste assez complet et intéressant.

biblio Stellar Astrophysics / Astrophysique Stellaire

flag english The cambridge encyclopedia of Stars (James B. Kaler)
[Cambridge University Press, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-81803-2]
James Kaler demonstrates very nice writing skills which make his books easier to read and comprehend than many others. While it is not a new edition of 'stars' by the same author, this book covers the same concepts and it clearly a must have for every astronomical spectroscopist willing to better understand behind the scene of spectra.

flag english The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres (David F. Gray)
[Cambridge University Press, 2005 third edition; ISBN: 0-521-85186-6]
David F. Gray (University of Western Ontario, Canada) gives here one of the best book for astronomical spectroscopy with lot of references, ideas of projects to run from tour own backyard (with several spectra presented with star identified) and more ! The text does require some knowledge of mathematics to be fully comprehended.

flag english Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis (Sean G. Ryan, Andrew J. Norton)
[Cambridge University Press, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-13320-3]
This astrophysics textbook for advanced undergraduates is very well illustrated, and contains several numerical exercises with solution explained. A clear course for stellar astrophysics for those willing to go beyond the introductory texts. Here equations are often well detailed and explained.

flag english Observer's guide to stellar evolution – the birth, life and death of stars (Mike Inglis)
[Springer, 2003 first edition; ISBN: 1-85233-465-7]
I’s a blending of an astrophysics book for beginners and an atlas too as this book includes many tables with list of stars for example.

flag english An introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution (Dina Prialnik)
[Cambridge University Press, 2000 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-65937-X]
Dina Prialnik (Tel Aviv university) gives here a textbook for undergraduates in astronomy or physics. While the mathematics required for his book is rather strong, one of the key part is the exercises at the end of each chapter – with solutions !!!

flag english Stars (James B. Kaler)
[Scientific American Library, 1998 second edition; ISBN: 1040-3213]
James Kaler has a very nice writing skills which make his books easier to read than most others. This one is clearly one of the best books on the subject: very well illustrated, and a great journey through stellar astrophysics! While it is in some aspects outdated by the 'Cambridge Encyclopedia Of Stars’, this remains a very interesting book to browse through.

flag english Introduction To Stellar Astrophysics: Vol. 1 Basic Stellar Observations And Data (Erika Böhm-Vitense)
[Cambridge University Press, 1997 third edition; ISBN: 0-521-34869-2]
Excellent astrophysics course in three volumes from Erika Böhm-Vitense (University of Washington). It does require the reader possess some knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Introduction To Stellar Astrophysics: Vol. 2 – Stellar Atmospheres (Erika Böhm-Vitense)
[Cambridge University Press, 1997 third edition; ISBN: 0-521-34870-6]
Excellent astrophysics course in three volumes from Erika Böhm-Vitense (University of Washington). As is the case with Volume 1, this does require the reader possess some knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Introduction To Stellar Astrophysics: Vol. 3 – Stellar Structure And Evolution (Erika Böhm-Vitense)
[Cambridge University Press, 1997 third edition; ISBN: 0-521-34871-4]
Excellent astrophysics course in three volumes from Erika Böhm-Vitense (University of Washington). As is the case with Volumes 1 and 2, this does require the reader possess some knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Stellar magnetism (Coralie Neiner, Jean-Paul Zahn)
[EDP Sciences, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-2-7598-0483-2]
Proceedings of the summer school on stellar physics XVII a La Rochelle on September 24-28, 2007. This is a reference book well suited for anyone interested in this field.

flag english Stars and stellar evolution (K. S. De Boer, W. Seggewiss)
[EDP Sciences, 2008 first edition; ISBN: 978-2-7598-0356-9]
A rather comprehensive book, well written about stellar evolution and how stars work. Undergraduate level with some mathematical knowledge required.

flag english Extreme stars: At The Edge Of Creation (James B. Kaler)
[Cambridge University Press, 2002 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-40262-X]
Some interesting target for your backyard spectrograph. As always with James Kaler, this is a very nice book to read.

flag english Stellar spectroscopy – peculiar stars (Margherita Hack, Otto Struve)
[Observatorio astronomico di Trieste, 1970 first edition]
An old but still very interesting reference book in two parts (four were planned but not sure if third and fourth volumes have ever been published).

flag english Stellar atmospheres (Dimitri Mihalas)
[W. H. Feeman and company, 1970; ISBN: 0-7167-0333-5]
Dimitri Mahalas (Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago) is an expert on stellar atmospheres. Here he has written a graduate level textbook which does require a strong knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Stellar rotation – proceedings of the IAU colloquium hel at the Ohio state university on september 8-11, 1969 (Arne Slettebak)
[D. Reidel publishing, 1970 first edition; ISBN: 90-277-0156-3]
A rather old book with some historical interest. Some Be stars are covered in several articles.

flag english Stellar spectroscopy – normal stars (Margherita Hack, Otto Struve)
[Observatorio astronomico di Trieste, 1969 first edition]
An old but still very interesting reference book in two parts (four were planned but not sure if third and fourth volumes have ever been published).

flag english Radiative transfer and applications to very large telescopes (Philippe Stee)
[EDP Sciences, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 2-86883-901-0]
Based on a GRETA meeting held in Fréjus (France) on May 11-13, 2005. This is a graduate level book which requires a strong mathematical knowledge.

flag english The physics of stars (A. C. Phillips)
[John Wiley & sons Ltd, 2003 second edition; ISBN: 0-471-987980]
A. C. Phillips (department of physics and astronomy, University of Manchester) provides here a concise textbook requiring a strong knowledge of mathematics.

flag english Advanced stellar astrophysics (William K. Rose)
[Cambridge University Press, 1998 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-58833-2]
This graduate level textbook by William K. Rose (University of Maryland, College Park) requires very strong mathematical knowledge.

flag english Theory And Observation Of Normal Stellar Atmospheres (Owen Gingerich)
[MIT Press, 1969 first edition; ISBN: 262-07035-9]
Proceedings of the third Harvard-Smithsonian conference on stellar atmospheres. Provides a good list of educational projects to conduct with your spectrograph.

flag english An introduction to the study of stellar structure (Subrahmanya Chandrasekhar)
[Dover, 1957 second edition]
First published in 1939 by Subrahmanya Chandrasekhar at Yerkes Observatory, this volume is the second in the series of the 'astrophysical monographs'. It is an outstanding treatise on stellar dynamics from one of the world's outstanding astrophysicists. This book is now somewhat dated, more a collector item and does require some good mathematical knowledge, but remains fascinating.

flag english The internal constitution of the stars (A.S. Eddington)
[Cambridge University Press, 1930 second edition]
Publié d'abord en 1926, cet ouvrage requiert parfois un bon niveau mathématique. Il est surtout devenu un ouvrage historique à replacer dans son contexte – celui du début de l'astrophysique.

flag english The Stars: Their Structure And Evolution (R. J. Tayler)
[Wykeham publications, 1970 first edition; ISBN: 0-85109-110-5]
A dated book which interests those who have mainly an historical interest.

flag english Astrophysics – the atmospheres of the Sun and stars (Lawrence H. Aller)
[The ronald press company, 1953]
The author (Associate Professor of Astronomy, University of Michigan) gives here a rather complete course on stellar atmospheres. At the end of each chapter, some problems are given to work on.

flag french Etoiles et matière interstellaire (James Lequeux)
[Ellipses, 2009 first édition; ISBN: 978-2-7298-4085-3]
Un ouvrage écrit par plusieurs auteurs, parfois un peu hétéroclite mais particulièrement intéressant et accessible à l'astronome amateur sans bagage mathématique. Le livre est de plus très bien illustré.

flag french Etoiles et atomes (A.S. Eddington)
[Hermann et Cie, 1930]
Traduit par J. Rossignol et faisant suite à des publication en français dans le bulletin de la Société Astronomique de France, ce livre fait suite à une série de conférences démarrée au congrès d'Oxford de 1926. Le seconde édition corrige surtout l'identification du nébulium par le Dr. I.S. Bowen à l'automne 1927 comme étant une transition de l'oxygène ionisé deux fois. Ce passionnant ouvrage est à remettre dans le contexte de son époque ce qui en fait un livre plutôt historique maintenant.

flag french Les étoiles et le milieu interstellaire, introduction à l'astrophysique (Richard Monier)
[Ellipses, 2006 first édition; ISBN: 2-7298-2786-2]
Ce livre fait le lien entre l'enseignement de la physique fondamentale et celui de l'astrophysique au niveau Master. Un bon niveau mathématique est nécessaire pour la compréhension de cet ouvrage qui débute sur la physique stellaire puis couvre le milieu interstellaire. De nombreux exercices (corrigés) sont proposés.

flag french Théorie Des Atmosphères Stellaires (Dimitri Mihalas, B. Pagel, P. Souffrin)
[SAAS, 1971]
Edité par la Société Suisse d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique, cet ouvrage regroupe les notes de cours organisés à Saas-Fee en mars-avril 1971. Les conférenciers sont Dimitri Mihalas (University of Chicago), B. Pagel (Royal Greenwich Observatory) et P. Souffrin (Observatoire de Nice). L'ouvrage nécessite une excellente connaissance mathématique pour être lu.

biblio Our Sun / Notre Soleil

flag english Journey From The Center Of The Sun (Jack B. Zirker)
[Princeton University press, 2002 first edition; ISBN: 0-691-05781-8]
Great concise but complete picture of the closest star : the Sun. While the author explains many of the things that we know about our Sun, this book also discusses much of what remains unknown to the scientific community. Obviously, there remains much work for future generation of scientists!

flag english The Pulsations Of The Sun And The Stars (Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner)
[Springer, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-3-642-19927-1]
This book is based on course for graduate students, but it is of interest to a broader audience.

flag english The Rotation Of Sun And Stars (Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner)
[Springer, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-3-540-87830-8]
This book is based on course for graduate students, but can be of interest to a broader audience.

flag english Solar and heliospheric origins of space weaher phenomena (Jean-Pierre Rozelot)
[Springer, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 978-3-540-33758-4]
Some interesting review of our Sun's spectrum and physics.

flag english The Sun's surface and subsurface (Jean-Pierre Rozelot)
[Springer, 2003 first edition; ISBN: 3-540-44188-3]
Requiring strong mathematical knowledge, this book is a set of lectures and tutorial reviews devoted to the gravitational aspects of the Sun and their geophysical consequences.

biblio Planets / Planètes

flag english Tenth Anniversary Of 51 Peg-b – Status Of And Prospects For Hot Jupiter Studies (Luc Arnold, François Bouchy, Claire Moutou)
[Frontier group, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 2-914601-14-4]
Proceeding of the international colloquium held at Observatoire de Haute Provence (France) on august 22-25, 2005. A key milestone in this fast moving research field!

flag english Extrasolar Planets (P. Cassen, T. Guillot, A. Quirrenbach)
[Springer, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 978-3-540-29216-6]
Based on the 31st Swiss Society of Astrophysics and Astronomy course held in April 2001 on brown dwarfs and planets.

biblio Nebulae / Nébuleuses

flag english The Origin And Evolution Of Planetary Nebulae (Sun Kwok)
[Cambridge University Press, 2000 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-62313-8]
Excellent and authoritative book – a complete review of the subject for graduate students.

flag english The physics and dynamics of planetary nebulae (Grigor A. Gurzadyan)
[Springer, 1997 first edition; ISBN: 3-540-60965-2]
Comprehensive monograph on the subject, ideal for those hat want to go further in studying planetary nebulae.

flag english Astrophysics Of Gaseous Nebulae And Active Galactic Nuclei (Donald E. Osterbrock, Gary J. Ferland)
[University Science Books, 2006 second edition; ISBN: 1-891389-34-3]
The second edition of a classic text, almost thirty years after the first edition this new edition (460 pages) is valuable to anyone seriously interested in this field. Some of the content requires strong mathematical knowledge.

biblio Stellar classification / Classification Stellaire

flag english Also look for free resources from the web, these will include: "Spectroscopic Atlas", "Practical Aspects of Astronomical Spectroscopy", or "Analysis and Interpretation of Astronomical Spectra" by Richard Walker, available there in English and other languages too. And the guide by François Teyssier to low resolution spectroscopy.

flag english Stars and their spectra, an introduction to the spectral sequence (James B. Kaler)
[Cambridge University Press, 2011 second edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-89954-3]
This would be the second reference book on the subject, maybe easier than that by Gray & Corbally 'stellar spectral classification'. It has been the major book for many astronomical spectroscopy observers as it goes through each spectral type and the HR diagram, pointing out interesting objects to look at with your backyard spectrograph. This new edition from Cambridge University Press is clearly a key item for your library.

flag english Stellar Spectral Classification (Richard O. Gray, Christopher J. Corbally)
[Princeton series in astrophysics, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-694-12510-7]
OK, this is THE reference book on stellar classification. Almost 600 pages cover standard and peculiar stars, with copious amounts of spectra examples and tons of ideas for education, and advice about collaboration in spectroscopy projects that can be run from your backyard. Each chapter includes a very good reference list so you can even go beyond the book and extend your knowledge for any object presented there. Really The Bible for astronomical spectroscopy observers!

flag english The behavior of chemical elements in stars (Carlos Jaschek, Mercedes Jaschek)
[Cambridge University Press, 1995 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-41136-X]
This book takes an interesting approach as it is sorted by element. For each element, it gives the spectral type where it can be seen and the Equivalent Width depending on spectral type or temperature.

flag english The classification of stars (Carlos Jaschek, Mercedes Jaschek)
[Cambridge University Press, 1990 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-26773-0]
Before 'stellar spectral classification' by Gray & Corbally, this was the reference book on stellar classification. Still, it does contain criteria to fine tune the spectral classification, for example based on line intensities. This remains a highly recommend book for those interested in advanced work on stellar classification.

flag english FGK Stars And T Tauri Stars (Lawrence E. Cram, Leonard V. Kuhi)
[NASA/CNRS Monograph Series On Nonthermal Phenomena In Stellar Atmospheres, 1989 first edition; ISBN: NASA SP-502]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the understanding of stars (standard and peculiar) at that time.
Note : il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.
Download the PDF from NASA.

flag english O Stars and Wolf-Rayet Stars (Peter S. Conti, Anne B. Underhill)
[NASA/CNRS Monograph Series On Nonthermal Phenomena In Stellar Atmospheres, 1988 first edition; ISBN: NASA SP-497]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the understanding on stars (standard and peculiar) at that time.
Note : il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.
Download the PDF from NASA.

flag english The M-type stars (Hollis R. Johnson, François R. Querci)
[NASA/CNRS Monograph Series On Nonthermal Phenomena In Stellar Atmospheres, 1986 first edition; ISBN: NASA SP-492]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the understanding on stars (standard and peculiar) at that time.
Note : il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.
Download the PDF from NASA.

flag english The A-type Stars: Problems And Perspectives (Sidney C. Wolff)
[NASA/CNRS Monograph Series On Nonthermal Phenomena In Stellar Atmospheres, 1983 first edition; ISBN: NASA SP-463]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the understanding on stars (standard and peculiar) at that time.
Note : il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.
Download the PDF from NASA.

flag english B stars with and without emission lines (Anne B. Underhill, Vera Doazan)
[NASA/CNRS Monograph Series On Nonthermal Phenomena In Stellar Atmospheres, 1982 first edition; ISBN: NASA SP-456]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the understanding on stars (standard and peculiar) at that time.
Note : il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.
Download the PDF from NASA.

flag english Lines Of The Chemical Elements In Astronomical Spectra (Paul W. Merrill)
[Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication, 1958 second edition]
While i’s not a first book to have, this is a reference book with lot of diagrams showing the energy level transitions for typical lines in astronomical spectra. A true reference book to have if you are looking into spectral analysis at high level of details.

flag english The MK Process And Stellar Classification: Proceedings Of The Workshop In Honor of W. W. Morgan and P. C. Keenan Held At Iniversity of Toronto, Canada in June 1983 (Robert F. Garrison)
[David Dunlap Observatory, University of Toronto, 1984 first edition; ISBN: 0-7727-5801-8]
This book has mainly an historical interest (love the pictures of David F. Gray and of the earlier stage electronic detector arrays!) and most chapters are signed by great names of astronomical spectroscopy.

flag english A spectroscopy atlas of bright stars, a pocket field guide (Jack Martin)
[Springer, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4419-0704-2]
An atlas of stellar spectra recorded with film which would need an updated version with modern CCD technology and instrumental response corrected spectra.

flag french ()
[, 2014]
Voir aussi d'autres références sur le web : le guide de la spectrosocpie basse résolution de François Teyssier.

biblioVariable Stars / Etoiles Variables

flag english Understanding variable stars (John R. Percy)
[Cambridge University Press, 2007 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-23253-1]
This book provides a concise overview of variable stars, including a historical perspective, an introduction to stars in general, the techniques for discovering and studying variable stars, and a description of the main types of variable stars. It is extremely well written and accessible to all amateur astronomers. It is a highly recommended book on variable stars in general.

flag english Getting the measure of the stars (W. Alan Cooper, E. Norman Walker)
[IOP Publishing Ltd, 1989 first edition; ISBN: 0-85274-830-2]
Alan Cooper worked on low energy and very high energy nuclear reactions and Norman Walker at the Royal Greenwich Observatory until its closure as a working observatory. This old but still very interesting book is a journey through the HR diagram (covering most variable star types). While primarily written with photometry technics in mind, this book aims to bridge the gap between the dedicated amateur and the fully fledge professional astronomer – it is well adapted for you to browse through the different type of targets you could reach with your spectrograph as well.

flag english Lightcurves of variable stars (C. Sterken, Carlos Jaschek)
[Cambridge University Press, 1996 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-02024-4]
A good photometrical atlas of variable stars with a long list of references. Unfortunately, it does not cover spectroscopy.

flag english Variable stars (Michel Petit)
[John Wiley & sons Ltd, 1987 first edition; ISBN: 0-71-90920-3]
Translation of the french book 'les étoiles variables' published in 1982. While rather old, this is an excellent atlas of variable stars, classified by type & sub-type and with list of main stars for each category, a great inspiration for backyard spectroscopists!

flag english Non stable stars (IAUS 3) (George H. Herbig)
[Cambridge University Press, 1957 first edition]
While it is a great book from an historical perspective, several article are worthwhile to read and can provide some interesting ideas for backyard astronomical spectroscopy projects : beta Lyrae (Shelyak), T Tauri, general overview of variable stars.

flag english The variable star observer's handbook (John S. Glasby)
[W. W. Norton & company, 1971 first edition; ISBN: 393-06377-1]
An old book which appeals today to those with mainly a historical interest.

Pulsating stars / Etoiles pulsantes

flag englishastroseismology (Conny Aerts, Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Donald W. Kurtz)
[Springer, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-1-4020-5178-4]
This is the first reference book for graduate students on astroseismology. It does provide a general introduction to astroseismology (first chapter can easily be read, as an overall review) and a comprehensive coverage of all its aspects. It does require some strong mathematical knowledge.

flag english RR Lyrae Stars (Horace A. Smith)
[Cambridge University Press, 2003 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-54817-9]
Great short (approx. 150 pages) book on this subject, first published in 1995.

flag english astroseismology Across The HR Diagram (Michael J. Thompson, Margarida S. Cunha, Mario J. P. F. G. Monteiro)
[Kluwer academic publishers, 2003 first edition; ISBN: 1-4020-1173-3]
This book comes with a CD-ROM and is the proceeding of the astroseismology workshop held in Porto, Portugal on July 1-5, 2002.

flag english New Perspectives On Stellar Pulsation And Pulsating Variable Stars – IAU colloquium 139 held in Victoria, British Columbia on july 15-18 1992 (James M. Nemec, Jaymie M. Matthews)
[Cambridge University Press, 1993 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-44382-2]
Requiring some mathematical knowledge for some articles, those proceedings are still of great interest for the amateur astronomical spectroscopy observers looking for new projects to work on. Several stars studied at that time would be great targets for continuous monitoring with off-the shelf spectrograph from Shelyak Instruments, modern CCD sensors and typical amateur backyard telescope.

flag english Stellar interiors – physical principles, structure and evolution (Carl J. Hansen, Steven D. Kawaler, Virginia Trimble)
[Springer, 2004 second edition; ISBN: 978-0-387-20089-7]
First published in 1993, this book is for beginning students on stellar physics and introduces the fundamentals of stellar structure and evolution. Fully comprehending this does require the reader have some good mathematical background.

flag english Theory of stellar pulsation (John P. Cox)
[Princeton university press, 1980 first edition; ISBN: 0-691-08252-9]
This is a reference book for undergraduates with strong mathematical knowledge.

biblio Early Type Stars / Etoiles Chaudes

flag english Active OB stars : structure, evolution, mass-loss and critical limits (Coralie Neiner, Gregg Wade, Georges Meynet, Geraldine Peters)
[Cambridge University Press, 2011 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-119840-0]
IAU symposium 272 held in Paris (France) on july 19-23, 2010. This is the latest key symposium on this subject and as such is a key reference book highly recommended for those interested in early type stars such as Be stars, P Cygni & LBVs, Herbig Ae/Be, etc. The 'review' articles are strongly recommended as first reading.

flag english Stars with the B[e] phenomenon (Michaela Kraus, Anatoly S. Miroshnichenko)
[ASP, 2006 first edition; ISBN: 1-58381-223-7]
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 355. Proceedings of a meeting held on Island of Vlieland, The Netherlands July 10-16, 2005.

flag english The Be phenomenon in early-type stars (Myron A. Smith, Huib F. Henrichs, Juan Fabregat)
[Sheridan Books, 2000 first edition; ISBN: 1-58381-045-5]
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 214. IAU Colloquium 175 held in Alicante (Spain) on June 28 – july 2 ; 1999. Some article are key reviews of the knowledge at that time.

flag english Early emission line stars (Christopher R. Kitchin)
[Adam Hilger, 1982 first edition; ISBN: 0-85274-402-1]
A very good review of emission line early-type stars which requires some mathematical knowledge. Calculation of the temperature of nebulae based on line intensities (with a list of result for several nebulae) is provided with details.

flag english The early type stars (Anne B. Underhill)
[D. Reidel publishing, 1966 first edition]
While this may be considered as an old book with only an historical aspect, it remains a good overview about the early-type stars, so this is highly recommended for those interested in those stars and their properties.

flag english The nature and evolution of disks around hot stars (Richard Ignace, Kenneth G. Gayley)
[ASP, 2005 first edition; ISBN: 1-58381-203-2]
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 337. Proceedings of a meeting held in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA on July 7-9, 2004. Those proceedings are also illustrated as the text is accompanied by pictures taken during the meeting.

flag english Pulsation, Rotation, Wind And Magnetic Field In Early B-type stars (Coralie Neiner)
[University of Amsterdam, 2002 first edition; ISBN: 90-5776-090-8]
Thesis of Coralie Neiner. Note : un résumé en français est donné à la fin de la thèse.

flag english B[e] stars (Anne-Marie Hubert, Carlos Jaschek)
[Kluwer academic publishers, 1998 first edition; ISBN: 0-7923-5208-4]
Proceedings Of The Paris (France) Workshop Held June 9-12, 1997. Some of the review articles are interesting to read, and there are several targets which can be picked from for further backyard astronomical spectroscopy monitoring and study.

flag english Pulsation, Rotation And Mass Loss In Early-type Stars (Luis A. Bolona, Huib F. Henrichs, Jean-Michel Le Contel)
[Kluwer academic publishers, 1994 first edition; ISBN: 0-7923-3044-7]
IAU symposium 162 held in Antibes (France) on October 5-8, 1993.

flag english Physics Of Be Stars (Arne Slettebak, Theodore P. Snow)
[Cambridge University Press, 1987 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-33078-5]
IAU colloquium 92 held in Boulder, Colorado (USA) on August 18-22, 1986

flag english Be stars (Mercedes Jaschek, Hans-Günter Groth)
[D. Reidel publishing, 1982 first edition; ISBN: 90-277-1367-7]
IAU symposium 98 held in Münich (Germany) on April 6-10, 1981.

flag english Be and shell stars (Arne Slettebak)
[D. Reidel publishing, 1976 first edition; ISBN: 90-277-0700-6]
IAU symposium 70 held at Bass river, Massachusetts (USA) on September 15-18, 1975.

biblio Binary stars / Etoiles binaires

flag english Transiting exoplanets (Carole A. Haswell)
[Cambridge University Press, 2010 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-13938-0]
An excellent book (actually a course handbook) with very nice illustration and clear example/exercise to work on (with solutions).

flag english An introduction to close binary stars (R.W. Hilditch)
[Cambridge University Press, 2001 first edition; ISBN: 0-521-79800-0]
This textbook is a reference for advanced graduate end graduate students and highly recommended for any serious amateur interested in binary stars in general.

flag english The most mysterious binaries, XIth Hvar astrophysical colloquium, Central European Astrophysical Bulletin 37 (D. Ruzdjak)
[CEAB, 2013 first edition; ISBN: 1845-8319]
An excellent colloquium (attended by three amateurs) on mysterious binaries ; those are the proceedings.

flag english Epsilon Aurigae, a mysterious star system (Jeffrey L. Hopkins, Rpbert E. Stencel)
[HPO, 2008 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-615-24022-0]
Epsilon Aurigae is a very mysterious system with 27 years long period. In 2009-2011, an eclipse ocurred, similar to that of 1983. This book provides some historical background of the 1982-1985 campaign as well as some preparation for studies for the 2009 eclipse.

flag english Mass transfer in close binary stars (A. A. Boyarchuk, D. V. Bisikalo, O. A. Kuznetsov, V. M. Chechetkin)
[Taylor & Francis, 2002 first edition; ISBN: 0-415-27353-6]
This is a book for specialists with very strong mathematical knowledge and numerical simulation understanding.

flag english Photometric and spectroscopic binary systems (Ellen B. Carling, Zdenek Kopal)
[D. Reidel publishing, 1981 first edition; ISBN: 90-277-1281-6]
A rather old book based on a conference in Italy in 1980.

biblio Eruptive variables / Variables éruptives

flag english Classical novae (Michael F. Bode, Aneurin Evans)
[Cambridge University Press, 2008 second edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-84330-0]
This is the most recent key reference on classical novae with some history, an overview of novae properties followed by detailed thermonuclear processes, evolution of nova systems, nova atmospheres and winds, abundance studies, the evolution of dust and molecules in novae, nova remnants, and observations of novae in other galaxies.

flag english The symbiotic stars (S. J. Kenyon)
[Cambridge University Press, 2008 second edition; ISBN: 978-0-521-09331-6]
THE reference book on symbiotic stars, the one to have if you are interested in such objects; first published in 1986.

flag english Cataclysmic variable stars (Brian Warner)
[Cambridge University Press, 2003 second edition; ISBN: 0-521-54209-X]
Brian Warner, astronomer at Cape Town (South Africa) observatory, published the first edition in 1995. It is a complete overview of the cataclysmic variable stars with lot of spectroscopy details, line identification, explanation on several observed phenomena.

flag english Cataclysmic variable stars – how and why they vary (Coel Hellier)
[Springer, 2001 first edition; ISBN: 1-85233-211-5]
An excellent book for amateur astronomers on the cataclysmic variable stars. It does provide some astrophysical background with minimum mathematics involved and it does list several targets to observe. This book is the perfect companion for your observing night with your backyard astronomical specrography!

flag english Cataclysmic cosmic events and how to observe them (Martin Mobberley)
[Springer, 2009 first edition; ISBN: 978-0-387-79945-2]
Well illustrated, this book unfortunately only covers the photometry observations of those variable objects and does not cover spectroscopy at all. Still, it is a good overview of those objects...maybe for the second edition?

flag english Cataclysmic variables and related objects (Margherita Hack, Constanze La Dous)
[NASA/CNRS monograph series on nonthermal phenomena in stellar atmospheres, 1993 first edition]
This is part a major work by CNRS & NASA to provide in-depth knowledge of the undertanding on stars (standard and peculiar) at that time. Note: il y un résumé en français au début de l'ouvrage.

flag english Supernovas and stellar wind in the interstellar medium (Tatiana A. Lozinskaya)
[American Institute of Physics, 1992 first edition; ISBN: 0-88318-659-4]
Translated by Marc Damashek. While a little bit old and outdated, this book covers a critical subject still valid today : the study of supernovae and stellar wind.

flag english The galactic novae (Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin)
[North-Holland publishing, 1957 first edition]
This is one of the key reference for novae with some historical & statistical review of novaes until middle of XXth century, details seen in spectra with a classification for novae. A must-have for those interested in novae!

biblio Miscellaneous / Divers

flag english The quest for SS433 (David H. Clark)
[Viking Penguin, 1985 first edition; ISBN: 0-670-80388-X]
An easy to read book on the story behind the discovery of one of the most fabulous object in our galaxy: SS433 microquasar. The book also goes through some models for this object.


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