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Celestron Refracting Telescopes

Company Seven has found numerous shortcomings in the Chinese made refractors being marketed en masse by Celestron and its other merchants over the past few years. In spite of poor magazine reviews, and adverse comments from amateurs in the astronomy community Celestron has not made any noteworthy improvements to these telescopes - as long as someone is selling them, then the Tasco minded (and owned) Celestron management is not likely to change course.

Celestrons response to poor reviews has been to lower prices. For example the CR-150-HD (6 inch Achromat refractor on the G-5 German Mount) received embarrassing reviews in the magazine and on amateur astronomy Internet sites; so rather than spend a few bucks more to improve the shortcomings Celestron dropped the selling prices from $1,299 to $799! One can argue that at $799 one can pay to locally improve some of the shoddy components of this telescope (tripod, etc.), and so at some price it arguably becomes a good buy. The same can be said for the potentially attractive C102-HD telescope. At such prices, Company Seven may be able to improve the system (replace the tripod, etc.) and sell it too!

However, by the Fall of year 2000 (before Celestron began to drop prices on these telescopes) Company Seven decided to discontinue offering these products until we are more comfortable with 1. the rigidity of the provided mounts, 2. we see improvements in manufacturing and assembly quality control, and 3. realize improved reliability.

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