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Leica VARIO 25 - 50x WW ASPH. Eyepiece

    "a uniquely superb variable wide-angle eyepiece"

Leica 25 - 50x ASPH (66,564 bytes)

Above: Leica 25 - 50x WW ASPH. Eyepiece, PN 41019 - an unprecedented accomplishment! (66,564 bytes).

The original Leica TELEVID 77 and Apo-TELEVID 77 were the finest field telescopes of their time, most often equipped with a fixed magnification lens these accepted one of the few zoom lenses that we found acceptable. The latest generation, replacing the TELEVID 77, was introduced with the Leica Apo-TELEVID 82 featuring the first zoom eyepiece that finally matches the high performance of the telescope.

The newly developed Leica VARIO 25x - 50x WW ASPH. is a uniquely superb variable wide-angle eyepiece providing tack sharp clarity across the entire subjective (apparent) angular field of view of more than 60 degrees. And across the entire span from 25 to 50 x range. Neutral color, high contrast images - the high transmission coatings assure glare free views where the color fidelity is true and intense and black appears "blacker than black" from dawn to dusk or even in the glare of bright sunlight. The Leica quick-change bayonet with integral lock A unique viewing experience at any magnification

Features include:

    Rear View of Leica Apo-TELEVID 82 telescope in Ever Ready Case (54,101 bytes)
  • Aspheric lens design perfected by Leica during the development of their world renowned camera lenses reduces distortion.

  • Vary magnification to suit desired field of view

  • Vary magnification to suit 'seeing condition': higher magnification in steadier environments, lower if turbulent

  • Vary exit pupil diameter to suit lighting conditions: lower magnification for use in dusk or night time environments

  • Smooth operation of zoom and focus in all conceivable environmental extremes.

  • The ergonomic rubber clad focus control and rotating/retracting eye cup ensure comfort while observing - even for eyeglass wearers.

  • Bayonet mount provides quick installation or removal of eyepiece.

  • All Leica eyepieces are resistant to dust, and water-pressure-tight to a water depth of five meters.

  • Provided in a padded pouch closure, this can be attached to the Ever Ready Case carrying strap for convenience.

  • Leave the eyepiece plastic covers at home too since the case also incorporates quick on/off cover for the eyepiece.

VARIO 25 - 50x WW ASPH Specifications

Lens Design 8 Element Zoom
Focal Length 17.6 to 8.8 mm
Apparent Field of View 60 Degrees (continuous zoom)
Actual Field of View (Deg) 2.35 to 1.6 Degrees
Actual Field of View (Meters) 28 to 41m wide at 1,000 m
Actual Field of View (Yards) 34 to 92 ft wide at 1,000 ft
Body Waterproof Depth 5 m (17 ft)
Operating Temperature Range -25° C (-13° F) to +55° C (131° F)
Stored Temperature Range -40° C (-40° F) to +85° C (185° F)
Eyepiece Weight 434 gr. (15.3 ounces)
Weight with Case, Caps 506 gr. (17.9 ounces)
Length 100 mm (3.94 inches)
Width 57.5 mm (2.26 inches)

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Compatible only with the Leica APO-TELEVID 65 and APO-TELEVID 82 spotting telescopes.

    Name:                         Model:                       Order number:
    Eyepiece          25 - 50x WW ASPH.          PN 41019 (Made in Portugal)

    Eyepiece          25 - 50x WW ASPH.          PN 41021 (Made in Germany)

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