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Leica Duovid 10 + 15 x 50 Binocular

Duovid 50mm binocular in Black (26,583 bytes)
What Makes The Duovid Unique?

Announced in February 2003, the Duovid 10 + 15 x 50 binocular pushes forward that new binocular technology developed by Leica and introduced at Company Seven in June 2002 in the original Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42 binocular. The Duovid is the first high performance binocular available worldwide capable of providing the user a choice of two magnifications (and with practice, a third too). Instead of just a single magnification as is found on conventional binoculars, the Duovid features both a low power magnification capability as well as a higher power magnification setting. In the case of the Duovid 10 + 15 x 50 the lower magnification 10X setting does provide a wider field of view that is more suited for those less experienced observers who can not readily find and center in the binocular the more distant objects. When sharing the binocular with others some of whom may not be able to steadily hand hold the 15X, simply set the Duovid to 10X and they too can be impressed. While evaluating the binoculars at Company Seven we have found the magnifications may also be set between the 10 and 15 X settings offering a magnification better suited for some who may not be able to hold a binocular steady at the full 15 x. The larger diameter 5mm exit pupil provided at 10X makes this attractive for uses in Astronomy too. While the 15 power setting can provide rich fine details in distant targets or dramatic close ups of nearer small objetcs, each with outstanding optical performance throughout.

Left: Leica Duovid 10 + 15 x 50 binocular in Slate Black (26,583 bytes).

But the real surprise for us at Company Seven (which we first noted with the 8 + 12 x 42 Duovid) is how well balanced and properly weighted this instrument is in the hand; it has become surprisingly pleasant to use from 10 x up to the 15 x setting even by less experienced visitors in our showroom who would not usually use a standard 12 x binocular!

The Duovid is well suited or perfect for many applications, delivering brilliant images both at great distances and in critical low light situations. With its range of magnification settings the Duovid offers it's owner independence, and that great feeling of being well equipped for any low light situation where great twilight performance is demanded or where extremely high resolving power in a durable hand held binocular is necessary. Finding distant objects may be readily achieved with 10 x magnification, with an absolutely steady image and a large field of view. Switching over to the mid or high magnification places you even closer to the action, with an extraordinary imaging performance even of the very smallest details. Now hunters, bird watchers, law enforcement, and leisure-time observers can rely on a single versatile binocular that can be tailored to any activity. Outstanding ergonomic design permits shake-free observation for most experienced observers, even at the higher magnifications.

Click on the respective magnification factors below to view how the different zoom factors affect enlargement and field of view:

Components Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42 binocular (35,552 bytes)

Right: illustrated the Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42 binocular in Slate (black) with eyecups in retracted position (35,552 bytes).
The Duovid 8 + 12 x 42 is available (as are all 42mm models) in the customer's choice of either Slate (black) or in Green.

The Duovid 50 joins the Leica line of 50mm binoculars representing their best possible optical performance coupled with an incredibly compact yet rugged body design. This was achieved by the application of state of the art computer aided optical design, and by the use of the latest generation of special high grade optical raw optical glass materials, as well as the high grade structural materials including magnesium and aluminum alloys. The Duovid rivals many premium standard binoculars in contrast, clarity, and in field of view too! We were pleasantly surprised to find the actual field of view is quite good, a true field shown of 5.2 degrees when operating at 10 x, and 4.0 degrees at 15 x - each as sharp and clear as the other. And surprisingly, when our technical staff evaluated the first 50mm Duovid models we were pleased to find that with some practice, the magnification settings may be adjusted to an interim setting; this is not mentioned in the Leica literature but we find this to be very attractive for those who may seek higher magnification than 10X but on some days (such as during a strenuous walk) may not be able to hand hold the binocular at 15x. The limitation when selecting the middle setting is that one can not use the Diopter Adjustment mechanism however, this is not a practical concern for someone who has eyes that are equal in focus, or who use prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42 binocular cutaway view (30,469 bytes) Left: Leica Duovid 8+12 x 42 binocular cutaway view. Labels point out: Patented two-position eyecups, Aluminum die-cast housing filled with dry nitrogen, Continuous main shfat made of stainless steel, Achromatic objective lens, Multi-function central focus operation, Magnification selection unit, Automatic diopter compensation ADC™, and Focusing lens (30,469 bytes). Click on image to see enlarged view and facilitate reading component labels

"When one begins to appreciate the precision components and excellence of design that goes into a premium binocular, then one can only wonder why they do not cost even more than they do"
Martin Cohen, Company Seven

As with other premium Leica binoculars this instrument incorporates state of the art durable "HDC™ antireflection coatings on each of the air spaced components. In Leica's "HDC™ coating process the highly polished and cleaned optical components are placed in a chamber which is pumped to a high vacuum. Then a computer controlled vapor deposition process deposits the elements in the coating compound in the proper order, and to the proper uniform thickness - each layer is on the order of only microns in thickness. The antireflection coatings applied in this manner are highly resistant to external influences. The roof prisms incorporate "P40" Phase Correction coatings to make the light throughput more uniform across the visual spectrum.

Other technical refinements of this innovative binocular include Automatic Diopter Compensation "ADC™". The change in magnification is accomplished separately for each of the two binocular barrels by rotating a ring - one on each optical tube. The magnification for the diopter adjustment is automatically conformed through an internal lens (ADC™). The Automatic Diopter Compensation is achieved by a gear and cam mechanism, it is also coupled to the diopter adjustment mechanism (to compensate for differences between the observers eyes). And so when the magnification of the Duovid is adjusted at the eyepiece then the mechanism moves the focusing lens forward or backward within the binocular barrel.

Left: Two Binoculars in One automated presentation showing the Leica 8 + 12 x Duovid.
Click "Start Film" to view the presentation.
This is a Macromedia "Shockwave" film and so to view it your Web Browser must be suitably enabled (157,030 bytes).

The patented adjustable position eyecups are another highlight. Even though they provide two click stop settings intermediate positions are possible so by dialing in or out gradually they allow optimal adaptation to individual requirements. These eyecups are easily removed for cleaning of the eyepiece or eyecup, or simple replacement.

The die cast aluminum alloy housings, durable seals and mechanical design, and nitrogen filling precludes internal fogging of the optical components. While rubber armoring available in black or green, in combination with the ergonomic form provides a secure grip even in damp weather or when gloves are being worn. Good design and seals insure the binocular is practically speaking, water proof - and this is certified to a depth of 5m (16.4 feet)!

The rubber like armoring cladding of the binocular exterior feels quite good to the touch, not "sticky" and yet not smooth and slippery. The covering has a dry yet mildly textured, almost padded feel that is very comfortable in the hand, and reassuring when trying to hold the binocular in wet environments.

The waterproof Central Focus control is easy and smooth to operate, even when wearing bulky gloves. And still the focus and diopter compensation controls are not at all obtrusive (as in some "designer" binoculars we have seen lately). This covering looks good on a Duovid in either Slate or Green!

Duovid is in that class of binocular that one may only have to buy once to obtain a lifetime of good service.

Common uses:

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to vary the magnifications, the Duovid may solve the problem for couples or groups who must share one binocular, where one person may not be able to comfortably hand hold a binocular at magnifications higher than 10 x

Duovid 42mm binocular in Green with optional Field Tripod (32,154 bytes)Left: Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42 binocular in Green with optional Field Tripod and Tripod Adapter (32,154 bytes).

The 8 power binocular is often considered a universal good choice since it is suitable for so many applications. The 10 power binocular is considered the best choice for many applications by those who can comfortably support such relatively high magnifications; those who can not easily hand hold 10X or higher especially while on the move will probably do better to select the Leica Duovid 8 +12 x 42. The 8 power magnification allows very good versatility for travel, sports, nature watching, and scenery. For studies of more distant birds of prey, scenery, events, or on large open hunting grounds where observation is often conducted over great distances, or for looking at small targets close up or for reading tag information on birds, then the magnification provided by the Duovid 10 + 15 x is ideal providing an image that is larger (and brighter) than that provided by the 8 + 12 x 42 Duovid. Company Seven does not suggest this Duovid for boating use since due to the movement of small vessels magnifications of 7 or 8x are rarely practical.

In beginning twilight, observation at 15 power magnification is rich in details because of its extremely high twilight factor. As darkness begins to set in then you may prefer the 10 power setting because of its greater apparent image brightness due to the larger 5.0 mm diameter exit pupil (vs. 3.3 at 15 x), and the larger depth of field which facilitates obtaining critical focus even in low light.

The observer will appreciate the capability provided by the Duovid concept to "tune" the magnification for best performance during days when atmospheric turbulence or other adverse local seeing conditions prohibits clear views at higher magnifications,

With this degree of versatility, and relatively high magnification capability the Duovid binocular may be left in place attached to an optional field tripod for convenience or prolonged vibration free observation. For this reason, Company Seven includes a Tripod Adapter as standard with the Leica Duo 10 + 15 x 50 binocular.

"The Duovid with its choice of magnifications cannot be compared to zoom binoculars. Its imaging performance
and the automatic diopter compensation ADC™ constitute an outstanding new class of performance.
The Duovid 8 +12 x 42 compares very well with top binoculars with fixed magnifications."

(Michael O'Brien, Birding Tour Leader & Author, USA)

Options offered by C-7 for our Customers

Hard Case: The Duovid is furnished with a soft leather pouch. There is no hard case made by Leica to fit the Duovid. However, for routine shipping of the Duovid or for transport or secure storage in harsh environments then you may choose to buy the optional fitted Airline Transport Assoc. Approved case made by Company Seven for the Duovids sold by us.

Floatation Strap: The Duovid is furnished with a padded Neoprene carrying strap. For use around salt water where one may not wish to accidentally "deep six" a Duovid, Company Seven will make available a high visibiliity strap with enough buoyancy to keep the Duovid at the surface. This is a relatively high magnification binocular and as such it is better suited for use on larger vessels where the stability provides and improved ability to hand hold the Duovid on a distant object.

Other Custom Accessories: Company Seven supports those products sold by us with a variety of custom accessories and platforms for terrestrial and astronomical observing including parallelogram counterbalanced mounts, Nebular Filters for skyglow reduction, and filters for the safe observing of Solar Eclipses! Please inquire.

Technical Data:

    Magnification 10, 15 (Appx. 12.5 also possible)
    Objective Diameter 50mm
    Focusing Internal via central control dial
    Diopter Compensation + or - 3 diopters
    Exit Pupil Diameter 5.0 to 3.3mm
    Twilight Factor 22.36 to 27.39
    Near Focus Appx. 3.9m / 12.9 ft
    Actual Field of View at 10 x 90m/293 ft at 1000m / 1093 yds (5.2 degrees)
    Actual Field of View at 15 x 70m/228 ft at 1000m / 1093 yds (4.0 degrees)
    Eye Relief at 10X 14.5mm
    Eye Relief at 15X 14.3mm
    Interpupilary Range 57 to 74mm
    Number of optical components 11 (we counted them)
    Dimensions 125 x 197 x 67mm (4.9 x 7.8 x 2.6 inches)
    Weight 1,040 g / 37 ounces
    Warranty Simply Irresistible!

To read more about this product and see more pictures of it download:

  • PDF Icon "Leica DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 and 10 + 15 x 50 Binoculars". Seventy one page illustrated instruction manual with specifications describing our Leica DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 Binocular and the Leica DUOVID 10 + 15 x 50 Binocular introduced at Company Seven in 2002. Content is in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Publication content by Leica, all rights reserved. From Company Seven's Archives. 344,971 bytes (in Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format).

  • PDF Icon"Leica Sport Optics / New Products 2002 : LEICA DUOVID 8 +12 x 42 Binocular". This is the complete nine page color illustrated brochure describing our new Duovid 8 + 12X 42mm Binocular, and the new Leica Duovid/Tripod Adapter. Publication content by Leica, all rights reserved. From Company Seven's Archives. 283,739 bytes (in Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format).

  • PDF Icon "Leica Nature Observation 2007: Binoculars, Rangefinders and Spotting Scopes". Complete 102 page, stunningly color illustrated brochure describing our Leica sport optics products including the ULTRAVID HD binoculars and APO-TELEVID spotting telescopes announced in August 2007. Publication content by Leica, all rights reserved. From Company Seven's Archives. 6,734,031 bytes (in Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format).

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