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1.25" Slip-Fit Adapter for Leica TELEVID 62/77 Eyepieces


Above: Slip Fit Adapter (66,564 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (193,121 bytes).

The original Leica TELEVID 77 and Apo-TELEVID 77 were the finest field telescopes of their time, most often equipped with a fixed magnification lens these accepted one of the few zoom lenses that we found acceptable. Many of the customers that bought their TELEVID at Company Seven also owned astronomical telescopes that accept slip fit 1.25 inch diameter eyepieces such as our Astro-Physics Super Planetary, Carl Zeiss Abbe Ortho, Questar Brandon, etc. But no manufacturer made a really fine Zoom that matches the high performance of the telescope. And there were aspects of the Leica 32x WW eyepiece that were attractive too. And so a Slip Fit Adapter was devised to allow our customers to use their Leica eyepieces on their conventional telescopes focuser.

Company Seven makes this item available for sale only to those who have helped us to stay in business, this is among the ways by which we can show our appreciation of our customers in ways that others do not do.

Note this adapter was designed to accommodate only the Leica quick-change bayonet locking eyepieces of the first generation Leica TELEVID 77 and Apo-TELEVID 77. This does not accommodate eyepieces made for the second generation Leica Apo-TELEVID telescopes. It is possible that if we see enough customer demand that Company Seven will make an adapter suited for use with the later Leica eyepieces too.

Slip-Fit Adapter for Leica TELEVID 62 and 77 (59,665 bytes)
Slip-Fit Adapter for Leica TELEVID 62/77
Click on image to see enlarged view
Features include:

  • Accepts any Leica TELEVID 62 or TELEVID 77 series eyepiece.

  • Lightweight (4.0 oz. / 112 g) yet rigid construction

  • Exterior male threaded and inner spring loaded bayonet female receptacle.

  • Slip fit 1.25 inch diameter male fitting.

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